How the New Tax Plan Affects Individual Taxes

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how the new tax plan affects individual taxes

Here is a breakdown of how the new tax plan affects individual taxes. All of these start in 2018. In other words, it affects the taxes you will file in 2019, for 2018.

** Here is a link to a form 1040, for reference. 



This affects line 40 on your form 1040.

  • Increases from $6350 to $12000
  • Increases from $12700 to $24000



This affects line 42 on your form 1040.

  • Decreases from $4,050 to $0 (single)
  • Decreases from $8100 to $0 (MFJ)



This affects line 52 on your form 1040.

  • Increases from $1000 to $2000
  • For this credit, parents who don’t earn enough to claim the credit may still get up to $1400. In other words, if you have no tax liability because of your income level, you may still get a partial amount of this credit.
  • Income limit to claim this credit increases from $75000 to $200,000 if single and from $110,000 to $400,000 for MFJ filers.



This affects line 21 on your 1040.

  • Usually, any forgiven student loan debt is taxable income.
  • With the new plan, any student loan debt discharged (forgiven) will not be taxed form 2018 to 2025



  • $10,000 limit is now imposed on taxes that can be deducted on Schedule A, including local, state & property taxes.
  • You can no longer deduct the interest on home equity loans.
  • You can no longer itemize the following deductions: the cost of tax preparation, investment fees, bike commuting ($20/month) unreimbursed job expenses and moving expenses.


In general, the new tax bill does not affect 2017 taxes. Find out how to avoid owing a large tax bill on 2017 taxes, if you are self-employed. To find out how the new tax law affects you, specifically, consult with a tax professional or accountant.

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